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  • Play time with baby

    Posted by Nikki Montgomery

    tummy timeWhen Mia was first born both Josh and I were struggling to figure out how to play with her. She couldn't do anything but lay there and most of the time she was sleeping. We even asked someone for play time ideas. Now that she's older and interacting with more stuff it's easy to play with her. 

    Here are some ideas for some fun things to do with babies 4-6 months old:

    • At this age babies are developing all their senses. Let baby smell different spices like vanilla, mint, and cinnamon. 
    • Babies love faces. Play, "Who's that baby in the mirror." She will love to look at herself in the mirror, but won't recognize that it's her. Mia smiles like crazy when we do this. 
    • "I'm gonna get you!" Babies have a sense of anticipation now so when you tell her you're gonna give her kisses and she will smile and laugh in anticipation. Josh and I always say "Mia, it's kisses time!" She smiles and offers a cheek to me then the other to Josh for kisses. 
    • At bath time we always play "This little piggy." She doesn't care much either way about this one yet.
    • Tummy time is very important for building strength in her back, neck, and chest. Mia only likes to be on her belly if she rolls onto it herself. If I lay her down on her belly she gets mad! While on her belly I lay on my belly so when she lifts her head she can see me. She likes that.
    • Fly baby fly is one game Mia doesn't like very much. At least not yet.
    • Now that it's spring time and it has been so beautiful get outside and blow some bubbles. Babies love to watch bubbles.

    Mia hasn't started giggling yet, but we're hoping she starts soon.

  • Carrie Underwood with Tony Bennett

    Posted by Nikki Montgomery

    Carrie Underwood will sing with Tony Bennett at a fundraising concert at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on Sept. 24. Diana Krall, John Mayer and Stevie Wonder will also perform.

    The concert will raise money for Drive to End Hunger, with a focus on older Americans.

    Bennett will release "Tony Bennett: Duets II on Sept. 20". He sings "It Had to Be You" with Carrie Underwood on the album. They will also appear as themselves to perform the song on an episode of the CBS series "Blue Bloods" on Sept. 23.

    Carrie Underwood with Tony Bennett behind the scenes.

  • Lee Peek Goodbye Video

    Posted by Lee Peek


    Lee says goodbye at WDEZ.com Check out the video here.

  • Lee Peek Leaving WDEZ

    Posted by Lee Peek

    Yes... You heard that right this morning. LISTEN to the announcement here: 

    This is something that has been in the works around here now for a few months and although I’ve seen it coming down the road, it doesn’t make it any easier.

    After a lot of thinking, weighing of options, discussion with my own family, my wife in particular obviously, I have decided that after 10 years at WDEZ and 20 years behind a microphone, it is indeed time to hang up the headphones as it were…

    My final day on the air at WDEZ will be this Friday. 

    I’ve have had a blast. There is no question that there is no other job, then this and there is no better place to do it then at this station, WDEZ. 
    But life changes you, changes what you want to accomplish and what you want hold dear. I’ve got a kid starting school this year and another kid soon to follow, extra curricular activities down the road with those kids and let’s face it, wanting to be a good husband and do a lot of things that I have not been able to do with my wife and kids because of my schedule.

    I want to be clear, this was not an easy decision. I informed the company of my wanting to try to venture out of the on air aspect and into some other areas within the company, and there just wasn’t anything available so it was a good time for us to part ways and move on. I plan on taking a short break, taking some vacation time, getting re-acclimated with a normal schedule and then tackling what is next for me and the family on the horizon. This I do know… It will be here in Central Wisconsin… There isn’t any place I’d rather be. I’d planned on two years here and jumping to bigger markets and bigger opportunities. But my wife and my children came into play and everything changed. And I never planned on loving this community as much as I have. 

    So that is it. I’ll be taking some time of the next couple of days to thanks some folks and say goodbye, I WILL be at the Fishin’ for a Cure this Saturday, so come on down and say support a good cause and say goodbye as well. Obviously, we’ll discuss this more on the show… Thanks for all of your messages up to this point. My roots came from Missouri but my heart is always with ya’ all here in Central Wisconsin.



  • Crew Cover

    Posted by Lee Peek

    Hey Brewer fans! What say you of this week's SI cover?

    Get the full story HERE!



  • Sugarland and Sara Bareilles Cover Dexy

    Posted by Lee Peek

    Live from the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles and with a little help from touring partner Sara Bareilles Sugarland takes on a classic from the '80s: Dexys Midnight Runners' "Come On Eileen"!

  • The Most Expensive Ticket in the NFL

    Posted by Lee Peek

    Check out which NFL teams draw the highest average ticket price for a home game.

    Green Bay Packers - $281

    The reigning Super Bowl Champs garner the highest ticket prices this season.

    New England Patriots - $272

    This perennial Super Bowl contender has a staunchly loyal fan base that draws from multiple states.

    Pittsburgh Steelers - $240

    The 2010 AFC champions sellout every game and draw top dollar for each ticket.

    Chicago Bears - $225

    It doesn't matter how the team performs, Chi-Town residents will fill Soldier Field for every game.

    New York Giants - $225

    Despite sharing a stadium and a city with another NFL team, the Giants are still one of the priciest tickets in a town full of pricey tickets.

    Dallas Cowboys - $223

    America's Team hasn't had much success lately, but that won't keep the Cowboy faithful out of their new stadium.

    Philadelphia Eagles - $218

    Eagles fans may have the worst reputation in sports but they are willing to shell out the big bucks to watch the birds play (and for the privilege to taunt opposition fans).

    New York Jets - $215

    The team's recent resurgence and new stadium has fans pouring in to see Gang Green.

    Baltimore Ravens - $212

    While many fans were distraught when the Colts left for Indianapolis the Ravens have never disappointed its fan base and are a big draw in Charm City.

    New Orleans Saints - $197

    Since Hurricane Katrina, the Saints have been the pinnacle of New Orleans' sturdiness and the Who Dat nation fills the Superdome for every home game.

  • Man Pops Question During Dierks Meet and Greet

    Posted by Lee Peek

    After a recent performance in Montana, Dierks Bentley filmed another webisode for his DBTV series. Prior to the show, Dierks held a meet and greet with his fans, as he usually does, when one gentleman asked if he could have the opportunity to propose to his girlfriend during Bentley’s hit, ‘My Last Name.’

    Dierks says “I normally don’t do [that] because it’s tough to do in the middle of the show, [but] he sweet-talked me,”. The country singer brought the fan and his lady friend on board the tour bus as he strummed on his acoustic guitar, he ‘contemplated’ what song to sing. When ‘My Last Name’ was suggested, Dierks proceeded to sing the ballad, with a little help in the end from his fan, who was obviously in on the set-up.

    During the final verse, where the ‘What Was I Thinking’ singer asks to give his last name to the girl in the song, the young man pulled a box out of his pocket and asked the big question. Shocked and surprised, his girl said yes.


  • Blake and Miranda on Youtube

    Posted by Lee Peek

    Blake Shelton admits that he and his wife Miranda Lambert often spend time in front of the computer together watching people sing their songs on YouTube.  Nikki and I just want to know why would you watch someone else massacre your music? ~L&N

    Blake Shelton on Youtube

  • Inmates May Have to Pay to Stay

    Posted by Lee Peek

    Breaking the law in Wood County, Wisconsin won't be as cheap as it used to be. Not if Wood County Board Members approve a Public Safety Committee resolution that would authorize the sheriff to charge inmates a jail-stay fee of up to $33 per day! Blame the economy. Charging inmates gives the Wood County Sheriff's Department the opportunity to balance its budget and continue to provide services according to Sheriff Thomas Reichert. But while the proposed resolution authorizes the sheriff to charge up to $33, Reichert said his intention initially is to charge $2 a day, an amount that will provide the department with about $75,000 the first year. But what about those who can't pay? Well Sheriff's Department officials say they will do everything possible to collect, including tax intercepts and civil actions! Hey, $33 bucks is still about $3 cheaper than a room at Motel 6! You lawbreakers are getting a bargain! (Wisconsin Rapids Tribune)