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  • NEW Women Claims She Had Affair With Tiger Woods

    Posted by Vanessa Ryan

    UsWeekly Tiger Woods Jaimee Grubbs

    Are you kidding me?  This story can get MORE bizarre? 

    A Los Angeles cocktail waitress tells the new Us Weekly she had a steamy 31-month fling with Tiger Woods and has a voicemail recording and text messages to prove it.  Jaimee Grubbs, now 24, tells Us Weekly she began having an affair with Woods, 33, in April 2007.  She tells Us Weekly they went on to have 20 sexual encounters.  Grubbs, who recently appeared on VH1's Tool Academy, also tells Us Weekly she has more than 300 racy texts from Woods, who wed model Elin Nordegren in 2004.

    Talk of the alleged affair with New York City club manager Rachel Uchitel reportedly led to Woods' one-car accident near his home in Florida this past Friday. 

    TMZ has reported that Woods and his wife were arguing about the alleged fling just before the crash.


  • On the Hunt for a Punching Bag...

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    Bozo Punching Balloon

    How do you tell someone who is annoying that they are annoying? If you are me, you don’t. Well, actually, I’ve tried to tell them but they don’t seem to get it. I’m afraid of dismembering their psyche completely if I try to spell it out even more, so I just put with it and on some days (like today) it is waaaaaay harder than others. I desperately need one of those clown balloons you can punch over and over and over again…that’d be a great stress reliever! 

    I hope you have purchased your tickets for the big Joe Nichols Holiday Party featuring your favorite ugly Christmas sweater coming up THIS Saturday at RJ’s Bullshooters Saloon in Weston! If not, you can purchase them online now at www.WDEZ.com. Hope to see you at the show! WDEZ Club Bonus is Annoying.


  • Nashville Now: Craig Morgan Give Fans Credit for Adding "Bonfire" to ReReleased Latest Album

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    Craig Morgan

    *CRAIG MORGAN has hit the top five with his latest single "Bonfire," and he owes it all to his fans. After Craig released his latest album That's Why, he wrote "Bonfire" and started performing it live. Craig says, quote, "The fans loved it from the beginning [because] this is the kind of music that I do...It works." 

    *LADY ANTEBELLUM is spending a third straight week at number one on Billboard's Hot Country Songs chart with "Need You Now." It's the title cut from their upcoming sophomore album, due out January 26th.

    Toby Keith

    *TOBY KEITH is back from his first sold-out European tour, and he's ready to book another one soon. Toby says, quote, "They say music's a universal language, and the folks we saw sure seemed to be having a good time." Toby is headed back overseas to Oslo, Norway on December 11th to perform at the Nobel Peace Prize Concert.

    *DIERKS BENTLEY has reportedly cut a cover of WAYLON JENNINGS' "Lonesome, Or'nry and Mean" for an upcoming tribute album to the country legend. TheBoot.com recently spoke with Waylon's widow JESSI COLTER, who said Dierks' version of the song was so good it broke her heart.  TRACE ADKINS and ZZ TOP are among the other artists taking part in the Waylon tribute project.  There's no release date for the album at this time.

    Taylor Swift

    *TAYLOR SWIFT already has a line of jeans and sundresses, so it's not that far fetched to think she'd want her own perfume next. In an interview with In Style magazine, Taylor says, quote, "That process [of making a perfume] might be so much fun. I'd name it something based upon one of my songs." As of late, Taylor's favorite scent is Givenchy Hot Couture.

    In other Taylor news, she's performing on NBC-TV's The Jay Leno Show this Friday at 9:00 PM CST. WDEZ Club Bonus is Friday.

  • Tiger Woods Will Not Be Criminally Charged for Accident

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    Tiger Woods

    From People.com...Florida authorities are closing the car accident case on Tiger Woods, and will not do more than issue a minor traffic ticket with a possible $164 fine to the golfer.

    "The investigation has concluded that Mr. Woods is at fault in the crash," a Florida Highway Patrol spokeswoman said Tuesday afternoon at a press conference, saying that they found that Woods, 33, had not driven in a "careful and prudent manner" when he was hurt in a one-car crash outside his Orlando home.

    In addition to the fine, the careless-driving citation could give Woods four points on his driver's license, if he is found guilty. There will be no criminal charges, and the case is closed, the spokeswoman said.

    Police said there were no claims of domestic violence in the case and "there was insufficient evidence available to issue a subpoena for additional medical information that may exist."

    "Mr. Woods has satisfied the requirements of Florida law by providing" his driver's license, registration, and insurance information, and was not required to submit to interviews or give evidence, she said.

    The FHP spokeswoman refused to take questions, and it's fairly certain those surrounding the famed golfer will continue to circulate.

    – Michael Y. Park


  • Love And Theft, Bucky Covington and Sawyer Brown's Good Deed

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    Love And Theft, Bucky Covington, Sawyer Brown, Vanderbilt Hospital

    O-Seven Artist Management acts Bucky Covington, Love And Theft and Sawyer Brown played a surprise guitar pull at Vanderbilt Children's Hospital. Afterwards, the group headed to Music City's Ronald McDonald House to prepare and serve a birthday lunch for one of the young patients named Christopher. Standing (l-r) are LNT's Stephen Barker Liles, Sawyer Brown's Mark Miller, O-Seven's Don Harris and LNT's Brian Bandas. Sitting (l-r) are Christopher, Sawyer Brown's Hobie Hubbard and Bucky Covington.

  • Tiger Woods Alledged Mistress Speaks Out

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    Rachel Uchitel

    In a revealing new interview, Rachel Uchitel, the New York club manager accused of having a fling with Tiger Woods, goes off on the affair allegations, insisting that two drug abusing "hookers" made up the story and sold it to the tabloids.   "This is ridiculous. Not a word of it is true," she tells the New York Post. "I told the [National] Enquirer and Star that it wasn't true. I told them not only did I have information to disprove the story, but I offered to take a lie-detector test."

    Uchitel -- who is reported to have bragged to pals about her fling with Woods, 33 -- says an unidentified acquaintance who's spreading the rumors was allegedly paid $25,000 for her story and is also out for revenge.  "She had a personal reason to make this up," Uchitel says. "She got herself invited on a trip that I went on [to Europe]. She conducted herself in a manner that was so embarrassing that the trip ended after a day. It was a total nightmare. I saw her again last week in Vegas. I was embarrassed by her behavior. She fell down the stairs at the restaurant because she was so wasted. She's a train wreck."

    When asked about what her connection with one of the sources is and what happened on the vacation, Uchitel tells the Post: "She was just a roommate of a friend who got invited at the last minute. This guy at the hotel gave her 3,000 euros to go upstairs with him, and then basically got the money back because two minutes into whatever they were doing, she passed out from too many Quaaludes.  "The guy came downstairs and was like, 'Rachel I don't know you, but you brought hookers here, and they are not even like hookers? This girl passed out on my bed, it was like gross. Like, who are these people?'  "And I was like, 'Oh, my God, I am so embarrassed, I am so sorry.' The whole thing got really weird. "She's just a total train wreck, this girl...."

    Uchitel says the other person involved in spreading the rumors is the unidentified acquaintance's "wicked little friend," whom Uchitel claims also "got $25,000" for the story. The other woman involved "is just looking for a payday because she is a f- - -ing hooker and wants money," Uchitel says. "She just got a little smart for once and put some things together she could use for a story."

    Uchitel says that because she handles VIP clients at a New York nightclub, the two women "heard me say Tiger's name a bunch" and "probably misinterpreted" what they heard "because they are on so many drugs and just stupid."

    Says Uchitel, "The whole thing's a lie. Tiger never told me he loved me. They said they overheard him saying he loved me. It's just stupid. I've never texted or talked to him on the phone...."

    Talk of the alleged affair reportedly led to Woods' one-car accident near his home in Florida early Friday morning. Some reports claim that Woods and wife Elin Nordegren were arguing about the alleged fling just before the crash.  "It's horrible to Tiger's family. His wife must feel horrible," Uchitel says. "The worst part of it, it's not true."


  • Carrie Underwood Takes Being a Role Model Very Seriously

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    Carrie Underwood

    Unlike many celebs who claim they never asked to be a role model, Carrie Underwood takes the responsibility to heart.  "I take it very seriously, and my motto is I would never want to do anything that would embarrass my own children, in the future," Underwood, 26, tells fans in an Invitation Only Q&A that will air Tuesday. "And I think that's the best way to look at things."

    She adds two other reasons why she won't follow the likes of Lindsay Lohan or Paris Hilton: "I never want to do anything that would make my parents, you know, my role models, disappointed in me." 

    She's not hindered by her American Idol fame, either. "I literally would not change a thing at all, not bad stuff,” she says. “Not Simon [Cowell], like, ripping me apart on national television, in front of millions and millions of people, because that brought me to where I am now. And I’m so blessed, I wouldn’t change a thing.”

    Invitation Only: Carrie Underwood -- which features performances by the country crooner -- will air tonight at 8 p.m. CST on CMT.


  • Nicole Kidman Thinks Taylor Swift is a "Honey Bun"

    Posted by Vanessa Ryan

    NICOLE KIDMAN has been watching TAYLOR SWIFT's rise to fame over the past few years, and she's glad to report that Taylor is very deserving of all the attention she's getting right now. In an interview with MTV News, Nicole says, quote, "Having met her and seeing her over the past couple of years really become a phenomenon -- she so deserves it. She's a honey bun." Taylor has toured with Nicole's husband KEITH URBAN quite a bit in the last year. Nicole is doing some singing of her own in the new movie musical Nine, opening Christmas Day.

  • Condolences to Justin Moore

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    Justin Moore

    Condolences to JUSTIN MOORE, who lost his grandfather TOM last Wednesday and his aunt GLENDA on Sunday. Justin posted a message on Twitter saying, quote, "Thanks for all the prayers and thoughts. Rough week." Justin was scheduled to play a run of shows starting today in Boise, Idaho, but those have apparently been scrapped. Justin says, quote, "Sorry to y'all out west for the cancellations. We'll make it up to you guys, my family needs me." If you've got tickets for a Justin Moore show in the coming days, check with the venue before heading out to the show.

    From The Boot...Justin Moore not only lost his grandfather, Tom 'PawPaw' Moore, last week, but late Sunday night (Nov. 29) his Aunt Glenda lost her six year battle with cancer. Justin's grandfather, who was retired from the Navy, was diagnosed six months ago with cancer and was 72 years old. His aunt was in her early 50s.

    The Poyen, Ark. native was very close to both his grandfather and his aunt. His spokesperson tells The Boot that they were two of the most important people in his life. Glenda, who was his mother's sister, was like a second mother to him, while Justin's grandfather taught the singer to hunt and fish, and had him in a deer stand when he was just two years old. Justin tweeted on Monday, "Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers," and we were told he's "going to miss them more than you can imagine."