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  • Humane Society there are no villians

    Posted by Nikki Montgomery

    Caged for Critters 2007

    Right now there's a lot of talk about the Humane Society of Marathon County and there are a lot of emotions causing hot tempers on both sides. HSMC has asked the county for more money to cover operating costs. The simple answer is no because there is no more money. Even if the county were to raise taxes to the max (and there is a max) they still couldn't afford to give the humane society what they're asking. 

    The county has organized a task force to negotiate with the humane society and help find solutions that will be best for the residents of Marathon County. 

    You may remember when the employees and board members of HSMC were trying to get their new building they did a ton of fundraising. They went out and got corporate donors to help and had the building paid for before they broke ground.

    In 2006 former WDEZ morning show cohost Lee Peek and I put our own sweat into raising funds for the building by doing a 2 day fundraising drive called Caged for Critters. In 2006 we did it at the Cedar Creek Mall and we literally spent all day and all but 2 hours of the night and all the next day broadcasting from a cage and raised around $9000. The following year we did it again, but cut out the overnight and we had great success again. The picture above is from Caged for Critters in 2007.

    Once the new building was paid for the fundraising didn't stop and that money raised was put into an account to cover emergencies. They were in a pretty good position when Judy Lombard left HSMC. 

    Lee Peek is now on the county board and on the task force I mentioned. He is an animal lover, you may remember Tanner the trash diggin' dog, and personally invested a lot of time and effort into the humane society. He has been villianized in this situation. The reality is that he doesn't have the luxury of an opinion. He and the rest of the county board members have to look at the facts and they need to decide what's best for the taxpayers. 

    Judy Lombard, former Humane Society Manager, wrote an interesting editorial in today's Wausau Daily Herald. Take a moment to read the comments too. We'd love to hear your opinion so comment at the bottom of this post as well.


  • Kenny Chesney gives a "sizeable" donation and sets up fund for Boston victims

    Posted by Bryan Scott

    Kenny Chesney has established a fund to help the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings.  It's called the Spread the Love Fund and will help with care of victims at Boston Medical Center and other Boston Hospitals.  Kenny kicked off the charity with an undisclosed "sizeable" donation and will donate proceeds from the downloaded iTunes single of "Spread the Love."

    You can also mail donations to:
    Boston Medical Center, Office of Development
    801 Massachusetts Avenue, First Floor - Boston, MA 02118-2393
    Please contact with any questions.

    or CLICK HERE to make online donations!

  • Aaron Rodgers must have done some spring cleaning!

    Posted by Bryan Scott

    We all know there are a lot of benefits of donating to Goodwill.  Goodwill keeps thousands of pounds of goods out of landfills every year, they give back to our community and you get a tax deduction for your generosity. 

    Now... Why shop at Goodwill?  You are helping our community, getting good deals AND you never know what you will find...

    A shopper at the Green Bay Goodwill store recently found a sports coat that belonged to Aaron Rodgers.  It was the one that he wore back in 2005 on the day he was drafted by the Green Bay Packers.

    And how did he know it actually belonged to Aaron Rodgers?  There was a tag on the inside coat pocket of the jacket that was custom made for Rodgers!

    You can bid on the jacket online, but it will cost you at least $600!


  • Saving Treyden Update

    Posted by Nikki Montgomery

    Cassie, Treyden, Travis

    Treyden Kurtzweil was diagnosed with ALL (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia), which is the most common form of childhood cancer, when he was only a couple months old. It has been a long and hard battle ever since. Going from hospital to hospital for lifesaving treatments.

    Since going back to Marshfield from St. Jude Treyden has been doing well. Responding well to treatment and that means that there's a good chance that he'll be heading back to St. Jude soon. 

    In a post from yesterday Treyden's mom Cassie posted on the Saving Treyden facebook page that if all his test results come back the way they hope today they'll be back at St. Jude in the next few days. Hopefully this visit will turn out to be better than the other two. Each time they've been to the hospital they've hit a road block and have had to come back to a WI hospital. 

    This is from the post Cassie made yesterday:

    So the plan is to contact St. Judes tomorrow after we have official results and if we are wiped out see if they say we can come back out there. Because it does not pay to just sit here when we can go there and start getting prepped for everything. I pray to god that there is nothing that prevents us from going because it seems like it is our luck that SOMETHING is always in our way. The thought of leaving Marshfield makes me sad but I know that this is the best thing for Treyden and I will let Travis do a lot of the things at St. Judes until I become more comfortable… like I said before it takes me awhile to adjust. .. 
    We are still waiting for results for the adenovirus we do not know if this medicine that Treyden is helping at all or not because we haven’t gotten results back yet… Clinically looking at him he has not had any fevers
    If results are good for the bone marrow and we are able to go to St. Judes we will have a busy few days getting everything together.. whats new lol
    More updates to come 
    Please continue to pray
    Love Cassie Travis and Treyden

    Good luck to you from all of us at WDEZ!

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  • All American Zombie Drugs

    Posted by Nikki Montgomery

    beau nelsonA friend of mine moved out to LA to chase a dream of becoming a movie star. I've known Beau Nelson since we were in middle school. I wasn't sure what to expect when I heard about his risky move, becoming an actor takes a lot of hard work, but Beau is always up for a challenge.

    Since moving to LA he's done some modeling and quite a few small parts in movies including playing Peppy's boyfriend in the Academy Award winning movie The Artist. Then came All American Zombie Drugs, which was actually filmed in 2010 but not released until 2013. Beau was cast as Sabastian one of the two main characters in the movie.  

    If you're a Zombie fanatic or if you just love silly funny movies check this one out. I love both so I'm excited to be able to get a copy next week. I've read a few reviews on the movie...all good. One celebrates the anti-drug message. I can't wait to see it and review it myself. 

    All American Zombie Drugs is available on DVD Tuesday, April 23rd.

  • The strangest play in professional baseball history

    Posted by Nikki Montgomery

    This has to be the strangest play I've ever seen in professional baseball. Ryan Braun was safe, but called out for taking Segura's base and overtaking a runner because Segura goes back to first. Then Segura tries to steal 2nd for the 2nd time in an inning. Just silly. Check it out: 

  • Former Packer helps victims in Boston

    Posted by Bryan Scott

    Former Green Bay Packers offensive lineman Joe Andruzzi was in Boston on behalf of The Joe Andruzzi Foundation, which provides financial assistance for patients and their families as well as funding pediatric brain cancer research.  Andruzzi gets a team together every year at the Boston Marathon.  Yesterday, he was one of the many people on hand to help the victims of the bombings.

    I saw the following quote on Facebook today...

    When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, "Look for the helpers.  You will always find people who are helping."  To this day, especially in times of "disaster," I remember my mother's words and I am always comforted by realizing that there are still so many helpers - so many caring people in this world.

    - Fred "Mr. Rogers"

    For more on the Joe Andruzzi Foundation, click here.


  • Saving Treyden

    Posted by Nikki Montgomery

    During our St. Jude Radiothon we learned of a baby boy in our area that was suffering from Leukemia. His family created a facebook page called Saving Treyden that shared their difficult journey with family and friends and many strangers that fell in love with Treyden through pictures and posts. 

    Treyden has been through treatment at hospitals in Marshfield, Madison and St. Jude. The first time they arrived at St. Jude they were sent back to Madison a few days later and then quickly sent back to St. Jude when things upruptly changed. On April 11th the doctors at St. Jude told Treyden's parents, Cassie and Travis, that his leukemia was out of control and there was nothing more they could do. Cassie and Travis called their doctor in Marshfield to see if he had any ideas before accepting that they only have what could be a few more days with their sweet boy. This doctor didn't seem optimistic when discussing options either.

    Cassie and Travis are not ready to quit fighting and we aren't going to stop praying for Treyden and his family. 

    This is why we work so hard to support the research done at St. Jude. We will never be satisfied until all children can be saved. The truth is we have a lot of work to do and all the research St. Jude does costs money. We have to do everything we can to continue raising funds to support the research that St. Jude freely shares with hospitals around the world. All of the discoveries by the researchers are published and the doctors consult with doctors at other hospitals around the world. So even if a child isn't treated directly at St. Jude there's a good chance that they are treated using protocalls developed at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

    Learn more about St. Jude