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  • The stress of Christmas status updates!

    Posted by Bryan Scott

    As if the holidays aren't stressful enough, now added to the hustle and bustle of the holidays, there is a whole new form of stress in our house...CREATIVE STATUS UPDATES ON FACEBOOK!

    Addi, dressed in her Mrs. Claus stockings, spent 6 hours (actually it was more like a few minutes, but it seemed like 6 hours) trying to come up with a new status update.  Can you believe she was actually stressing over a status update on Facebook?  

    Of course, I could be partially to blame since my status updates are always much more creative and humorous than hers are :) 

  • Best Birth Control EVER!!!

    Posted by Bryan Scott

    Miranda Lambert was asked when her and Blake were going to start having babies.  She said, "Every time I’m like, 'Awe, kids are so cute.' Then a friend of mine will come over with their kids running absolutely everywhere, crazy. I'm like, 'Maybe we should wait awhile...' That's good birth control."

    Screaming kids are, by far, the best birth control ever!  Don't believe me?  I'll bring my three little angels over for a visit.  When we leave, it will look like a tornado came through your house!  LOL - Bry

  • Because I'm your father and I said so!

    Posted by Bryan Scott

    Jack and I love watching Mega Movers on History Channel.  Well, Jack was bored yesterday and decided to take apart all of his Lego's and create his own Mega-Mover and, of course, asked me for help.  After some arguing over who's idea was better, I reminded him that i was his father and I had a better plan :)  Actually, I convinced him that my design was going to be able to move more of his Lego Star Wars guys!  That was good enough for him.

    After I obtained full creative control over undertaking such a large project, I appointed myself Chief Engineer and Jack became the Project Coordinater.  We even got the job done before our deadline enabling us to play with it before bedtime...

    All of you Pinewood Derby racers better watch out!!!!  We are already working on blueprints.

  • Merry Christmas from the Scott Family!

    Posted by Addi Scott

    Just wanted so share our Christmas card from this year. We had lots of fun taking the pictures and were lucky enough to have snow in time!

  • Someone Has Been Breaking In To Our House

    Posted by Addi Scott

    A few years ago we were having a hard time making Christmas less about the presents and more about the spirit of Christmas. I was talking to a good friend of mine who told me about The Elf on The Shelf. This is an AWESOME tradition. You can get them now just about anywhere, Target, Barnes and Noble, online, pretty much anywhere. It is a little elf and a book that tells his story. Every morning he hides somewhere different in the house, and every night he uses his magic to fly back to the North Pole to report if the kids had been naughty or nice that day. So they have to behave, or the Elf will tell Santa. The book tells the kids that they cannot touch him, or he loses his magic and will no longer be able to go and report to Santa. Our kids wake up so excited EVERY day during the holidays, to see where he will be and who will find him. It is so fun!! I came across this website the other day for ideas on what to do with him and wanted to share, because if you are like us and have an Elf already, after a few years it gets challenging to come up with new ideas for what to do with him! Click on the picture below to get some new ideas for YOUR elf. :D


  • Things I Have Learned From My Kids

    Posted by Addi Scott

    Since I became a mom 8 years ago, I have learned a lot of things from my kids. Some things that I could have gone my whole life without knowing, and some that I am not sure how I lived before I knew. I have been meaning to write them down so I figured I would share them with you all too!


    1. I am not nearly as cool as I once was.

    2. I am not nearly as funny as I think I am.

    3. Being cool and funny is not nearly as important as it once was.

    4. I realize that my kids not appreciating what I do for them is a good thing, because that means that they are happy, and take things like always having clean underwear and a home cooked meal for granted.

    5. I can be the best mom in the world, and the worst at the very same moment, it just depends on which kid you ask.

    6. It makes me happy when the kids come into a room and bust Bryan and I hugging or kissing. It grosses them out, but in this day and age having two married parents is so rare, I am glad they have that.

    7. Trying to watch a show with 3 kids awake in the house is impossible.

    8. Taking your kids to a sporting event or a movie is ALL about the snacks.

    9. Poop stinks.

    10. Sick kids are no fun, but they sure are snuggly.

    11. Sometimes in order for parents to understand a story, you need to go into way too much detail, and say it at least 5 times.

    12. I could easily get through a day by only saying these things: "Hurry Up" "No, its not snack time." "No you can not play games on my phone." "I love you" "Shhhhh"

    13. Going out at 11pm used to be fun. Now, I would rather stay home in my pajamas and snuggle on the couch with my kids.

    14. You have no concept of what being a parent is like, until you are one.

    15. Having kids makes you cry at really dumb things.

    16. Seeing my kids all snuggled up reading makes me happier than I ever thought it could.

    17. Grandparents lose a part of their brains when they become grandparents.

    18. You have to thank God for ALL your toys, EVERY night. I haven't learned why yet.

    19. If you are going to be traveling in the car, avoid going to the bathroom before you leave at all costs so that you will have to stop at a gas station driving your parents crazy.

    20. Happy meal toys are not as cool when you are an adult.



  • Big Day in the Scott House!

    Posted by Addi Scott

    It's the first day of school in the Scott house! Our oldest Emi is starting 3rd grade today and Jack our middle one, is starting 1st grade. I have no idea where the time has gone. It seems like just yesterday we were bringing them home from the hospital and trying to figure out what we were supposed to do with them. Since most of you don't know us I thought I would share a picture of their first day with you! Our youngest, Will jumped in the pictures too even though he is not going to school, he was still excited.

  • Goodbye My Y100 Family!!

    Posted by Addi Scott

    As you know, tomorrow is Bryans last day at Y100. I cannot say how much I am going to miss everyone. The staff at Y100 has taken me in as one of their own and made me feel like one of them and you, the listeners, are amazing.

    Through this blog you have allowed me to share with you, cry with you, laugh with you, and sometimes, just to let me vent. You, Y100 listeners, are amazing people. Some of you have actually touched our families lives in ways that I cannot put into words, and for that I will be forever grateful.

    There are some of you that have made cookies and other goodies for all 5 of us. Those that even bought gifts for our kids on holidays. Your kindness and gratitude amazes me.

    Someone will be replacing Bryan. And its ok for you to think he is better than Bryan. His wife will not be as sweet, or cute, and if he/she has kids they will not be as awesome as ours...but he/she may very well make you forget about Bryan...just not me and the kids. :D

    I just wanted to make sure I said thank you. To all of you. For riding along on our journey for the last 5 years. And for taking us with you on your journey sometimes. You guys truly are the best!!!

  • Potty Training Stinks

    Posted by Addi Scott

    Our youngest Will, is 3 1/2. I have been putting off potty training, mostly because I hate it. Well he still really has NO interest at all. He actually gets mad when we even ask him if he has to go potty. I am stuck. I don't know what else to try so I am asking you all for advice. Are there any books or movies or anything that you would recommend that helped you with your little ones?! PLEASE HELP! I don't want to buy diapers anymore!