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  • What Our Jobs REALLY are.

    Posted by Addi Scott

    Bryan and I tease each other all the time about who has the more difficult job. I would never be able to do his job because to me, getting up at 4 in the morning is not an option. He on the other hand would never be able to be a stay at home dad because he thrives on getting out and talking to people.

    These pictures have been floating around on Facebook and when I saw them both I laughed so hard I just had to share. These are both so accurate that its a little scary.


    So here is Bryans job:


    And mine:

    Now really....I do NOT sit on the floor with my laptop people. I don't even OWN a laptop....other than that its pretty accurate. :D

  • Emma's Girl Scout Cookie Song UPDATE: Watch the video

    Posted by Bryan Scott
    My daughter, Emma, is on a mission to sell 600 boxes of Girl Scout cookies.  Unfortunately she has come up a little short.  So, she recorded a song to try to encourage you to buy more :)
    Here is a sneak peak of the video shoot...

    After playing the song on the air this morning, Emma received the following feedback from you text messages.  Thanks for all the support for Emma!  I'm SUPER PROUD of her!!!

    LOVED the song!

    It made me smile in my car on the way to work -​ thanks:)

    OMG! toby keith needs to hear that!That song was awesome :-​).

    Good job very creative Luv the "Cookie" song!

    Good job Emma!

    That was soooo cute!!

    That was awesome

    Love caramel delights song :)

    She sounds better then Toby!!!!

    That song was super cute Jeana

    Very good song your little girl is signing! She should be on american ideal!

    Hey brian! I don't care how many boxes ur daughters sells, she TOTALLY deserves 2 get in2 that camp! That song was amazing. They need 2 RECOGNIZE!!!


    Girl Scout Caramel Delight Song

  • Finally Hung Some Pictures!

    Posted by Addi Scott

    We have been in our house since August now. And we have been living this whole time with literally nothing hanging on the walls. I have all these ideas I want to do and its been difficult deciding which pictures to hang where and everything. But we finally managed to finish one wall! I made all the canvases myself and overall I am not really happy with how they turned out. We are getting updated family pictures in April and at that time we are planning to order real canvases to put in this space instead. But for now, at least there is something hanging there!


  • Yay for New Books!!

    Posted by Addi Scott

    I had read some reviews about the books that Sara Evans wrote, and I have been waiting very patiently for book #3 to come out so that I could read them one right after the other. We picked them up tonight and I am so excited to read them!!


  • Star Wars Scott Family

    Posted by Addi Scott

    I saw this today and I think we need to get these for our car. Seriously, how cute are these?! And Bryan could say "Jack, I am your father" in his best Darth Vadar voice...what do you think??


  • A little chilly today!

    Posted by Bryan Scott

    I wake up this morning and this is the first thing I see when I get in my van...

    At least I have my coffee!!!

  • Try calling Mom rather than texting

    Posted by Bryan Scott

    A new study shows that instant messages are no match for the comfort of Mom’s voice.

    A study (from the University of Wisconsin) found that when girls stressed by a test talked with their moms, stress hormones dropped and comfort hormones rose.

    When they used IM, nothing happened.

    By the study’s neurophysiological measures, IM was barely different than not communicating at all.

    Earlier studies have shown that both phone conversations and face-to-face conversations help lower stress levels and increase pleasure hormones.

    The study shows that Mom’s actual voice—its tones, rhythms, and patterns are what soothe-- not the content of her message.

  • The difference between men and women!

    Posted by Bryan Scott

    According to researchers (at Manchester University), the average man and woman share only 10% of their personality traits.  Really?  No surprise there!  LOL

    The researchers concluded that there were ‘extremely large’ personality differences between the sexes...

    Addi and I attended the "Laugh Your Way" seminar a couple of years ago.  I think Pastor Mark Gungor says it best in the following video...

  • Best part of the dentist...getting to wear the cool shades!

    Posted by Bryan Scott

    We've been very busy since moving to Central Wisconsin.  Trying to find a doctor, dentist, babysitters and more.  Well, after a referral from a friend, we've finally found a dentist.  And the best part is...we get to wear cool sunglasses when getting checked out!

    Dr. Christy Gajewski, at Midwest Dental in Weston was great.  Even the kids had fun!  Kids having fun at the dentist?  That's unheard of!


    Look MOM, No Cavities!!!

  • Today will be a good day, Today will be a good day....

    Posted by Bryan Scott

    This morning started out SUPER bad!  I had a powdered donut on the way in and was in seroius need of something to drink.  I grabbed my pouch of juice and coudn't find the straw hole!  Turns out the bags were punched wrong.  DARN IT!!!!!

    When I got to work, I used a thumb tack poke a hole in the pouch.  The juice not only squirted all over the counter in the studio, but also on my shirt and pants.  


    I decided that coffee was a better option at this point.  So I went to get my coffee mug from my desk and sure enough, I brought it home to get washed!!!


    Not a problem...I'll just get a Bryan and Nikki travel mug and use on of those.  Oh wait, they are all locked up in the prize closet until 8am!  DARN IT!!!!


    WooHoo, I found a mug at Nikki's desk!  Thanks Nikki!!!  I told you, Today is gonna be a good day!  After getting shocked by the coffee maker and finding no creamer or sugar, I am happily drinking my black coffee AND IT TASTES GREAT!!!


    Damn, I think I just burnt my tongue!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Looks like I was good this year!

    Posted by Bryan Scott

    Addi's grandma got me two of the best presents ever this year...a plush Rudolph doll and a bottle of "some random drink."

     Mmmmm, Life is good!!!!

  • Marcel The Shell Returns!

    Posted by Bryan Scott

    Our kids laughed so hard when they watched Marcel The Shell on Youtube for the first time...and then for the next 15 times after that too!!!  I mean, come on, it IS a talking shell with shoes on!  That's pretty funny, right?  Right!  At least for the first 30 seconds :)  Let me tell you how annoying that little shell got to be.

    Now, just in time for the New Year, Marcel The Shell is baaaccckkkkk!!!

    Just in case you missed the original...