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  • Boys Are Dumb

    Posted by Addi Scott

    How many of you ladies have men in your life who have underwear that have been around longer than you?  Bryan, is one of those guys.  He honestly has underwear that he has had since before we started dating.  I find this disturbing.  Our 6 year old daughter Emma this morning, showed me that she has a hole in the bottom of her jeans (you know because they are a little to long so the drag on the ground, and now there is a hole).  She was so proud!  She came up to me and said "look mommy, I have a hole in my pants!! But, I can hide it really good, not like daddy with all the holes in his underwear." I laughed so hard!  Then she very innocently said "why doesn't he just get new underwear?"  To which I responded "honey, I can't answer that, you would have to ask your daddy."  Then as if this was not a funny enough story, she said "I might as well not even bother, boys do dumb things." Wow. So young and yet so takes some women YEARS to realize that boys are dumb!  So I am glad that I have taught her well. :)