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  • That time of Year Again!!

    Posted by Addi Scott

    I am making Thanksgiving dinner at our house for the second time this year!! It was a huge success last year so I am sure it will go off without a hitch this year! Stay tuned though, you never know what is going to happen in the Scott house. :D

  • How About BRYAN and Kelly??

    Posted by Addi Scott

    I was putzing around on the internet the other day as I often do, and came across this contest. Bryan has already been nominated BUT imagine how much better his chances would be if you ALL nominate him!!


    Click on the link below to give Bryan a chance to be a co host with Kelly Rippa while Regis is on vacation.



  • Is This Cheating?

    Posted by Addi Scott

    Last night I decided that this week I was going to spend all week getting caught up on cleaning, and some work that I have left to do before I am done with this year. I sat down and wrote down every single thing that I want to get done this week. When I made this list however, I did not write down the normal every day things (like dishes) that need to be done in addition to all the other stuff. So I got frustrated this morning as I was busting my butt for over an hour and still had nothing to cross off the list!! So, I added to the end of the list all the stuff I had just done so I could cross something off. Am I the only one who does this?!

  • The Proudes Little Boy EVER

    Posted by Addi Scott

    Bryan took Jack and Will to Sesame Street live this afternoon. By himself because I was working. When I got home Jack was so excited to tell me that he got to go up on stage and stand in the spot light and give the keyword!!  Being so close to Bryan and seeing him do things like that all the time I think we both forget how cool it really is. Jack did a pretty good job of reminding us today. He wasn't even upset that he didn't get the $10 balloon!

  • We Gave In

    Posted by Addi Scott

    Today we officially started our Christmas shopping. It just feels too early!! I am seriously considering putting up our decorations this weekened too. Our outside lights and wreaths are going up on Sunday, but is it too early to put the tree and the rest of the inside decorations up? See I struggle with this every year, because I love having our house decorated for Christmas. I feel like it makes it feel so much more homey. I wait until after Thanksgiving because that is what normal people do, or do I say SCREW it!!  And put them up this weekend??

  • Wow...

    Posted by Addi Scott

    You guys seriously amaze me. We have gotten some amazing gifts from you, the listeners, and I had to share the latest one. Janet made these from scratch for our kids!!! Not only is that a really nice thing to do, but they are super cute!!!!  Thanks Janet our kiddos will have nice warm hands because of you!!


  • What Christmas Really Means?

    Posted by Addi Scott

    We have been struggling this year trying to find gift ideas for our kids, because they really do not need anything at all. And everything they want is VERY expensive. So in searching for things to show them what the real meaning of Christmas is and came across this. What a great idea and wanted to share it with all of you!! This is what the Scott family will be doing this weekend. How about you?



  • Thanksgiving

    Posted by Addi Scott

    People on Facebook have been doing the thing where each day they say something that they are thankful for and I love it! It is so nice to go on and see what everyone is thankful for. It is so easy in the day to day stuff to get discouraged or focus on the negative things that are going on. So, I decided that I am going to make a list of 10 of the things I am thankful for. (In no particular order other than how they come into my head)

    I am thankful for:

    1. My healthy children and that we are able to take them to doctors and buy them medication when we need to.

    2. Movies, because sometimes I need to get things done and movies distract my children long enough for me to do so.

    3. You, the listeners, that I am blessed you have all of you as a sounding board when something funny happens, or when something goes wrong. You have all been very supportive of my blog and I love you for it!

    4. Fun socks!! Who doesn't love to look down at their feet and see something crazy and festive!!

    5. Our neighbors. We are lucky enough to have neighbors that are not only good friends to us, but to our kids.

    6. My job. Owning my own business is challenging most of the time, but having the power to choose my hours, and still be home with my kids is something I wouldn't change for the world.

    7. The Festival Foods Tot Spot, did people shop with kids before that?!

    8. My super supportive husband, who supports me when I want to try something, or try to quit something, and just on a daily basis. He is the best husband a girl could ask for (and I am not just saying that because he will probably read this)

    9. My kids who with each of their unique personalities make me laugh on a daily basis, and who make me a better person just for being around them.

    10. Our friends and families. We are very blessed to have some great people in our lives, some of whom have been here a long time, and some only a little while, but every one of them is here for a reason.

    Wow, I think I might have to try really hard to have a bad day now!!

  • Why We Don't Go Out in Public

    Posted by Addi Scott

    It's no secret that we have 3 kids. Any of you who have children know how much of a pain it can be to do anything with the kids, and you try to avoid it whenever you can right? Our oldest two children are in school all day Monday through Friday now, so a lot of times since we only have Will, we do things that we would not when we have all 3. Today, we decided that we were going to go have lunch at McDonalds and let Will play in the play land.  Not 5 minutes after we arrived, we had our food and were getting settled at a table. Bryan, my fabulous husband that I love dearly, dumped not 1, but 2 FULL sodas all over the ground where we were planning to sit. So now I realize, that even if 2 of our 3 children are in school, unless I can go without Bryan, it is still probably easiest to just stay home. Kids I tell you. Kids.

  • What would you do??

    Posted by Addi Scott

    This afternoon we were playing outside and our neighbors had some friends over.  We were outside for maybe 5 minutes and the kids were playing with the wagon. The little boy of the friend of the neighbors said that he hated our middle son Jack. Now Jack is a very sensitive kid, and his feelings get hurt very easily, so this really upset him. He came over crying to me and told me what happened. The other little boys mom was standing near me as he came over, she also heard the story and did nothing. So I walked over and asked the little boy if he said that and he said that he had, so I told him that he was not allowed to play on our wagon anymore.  About 10 minutes later, our youngest Will was standing on the grass watching everyone playing and the same little boy ran right into him with a bike causing him to fall and get hurt. I looked at his mother because I thought she should have done something, but she did nothing, so I very obviously told the kids that if the other kids were not going to play nicely we would have to go in the house, and then we did. My question is...what should I have done in this situation? I really don't feel comfortable disciplining other peoples kids, but I also don't think its fair for my kids to have to go in the house because someone else is what would you have done?