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  • Happy Birthday!!!

    Posted by Bryan Scott

    Today is the Anniversary of my lovely wife, Addi's 30th Birthday!  Happy Birthday honey.  Love You!!!!

    Listen below to hear the song our kids put together for her on her 30th...

    Addi Birthday Song

  • Behind the Scenes of "1994"

    Posted by Bryan Scott

    There are a bunch of guest appearences in Jason Aldean's new video for "1994."  Here is a look behind the scenes of the video shoot...

    And now the finished video....

  • Why Peyton's Promise?

    Posted by Bryan Scott

    I'm sure you've seen the collection bins at local businesses throughout the Wausau area.  Have you ever wondered how those bins got there?  Or, who is Peyton?  She's an amazing local girl with a big dream and even a bigger heart!


    Oh, and she got to carry the Olympic Torch!!! 

  • Science Fair time!

    Posted by Bryan Scott

    Emma and Jack both participated in the science fair at their school this year.  I am so proud of both of them!!!!  Emma submitted her original invention of face paint made from sidewalk chalk and Jack showed how potatoes can produce electricity.  Way to go guys!!


  • Lunch Room Frustrations!!!

    Posted by Bryan Scott

    Can someone please tell me why A4 is "NOT AVAILABLE"???  All I want is some darn Potato Skins!!!

  • You may not get your tax refund on time.

    Posted by Bryan Scott

    I went to my "tax guy" yesterday to have my taxes done.  He warned me that identity theft is at a three year high in the U.S.  And the scary part, one in four people who were notified of their identity theft were stolen from regardless.

    How can you avoid identity theft?

    Shred your financial documents - especially around tax season. Scam artists like the rifle through your trash.

    Whenever you’re buying things online be sure the site you’re visiting is “safe” - look for an “https” in your address bar.

    Be safe and skeptical about how and when you share your personal information online.

    And although identity theft is no laughing matter, I could not resist to include the following video...

    CLICK HERE for more safety tips when filing your taxes.


  • Why are my parents on Facebook?

    Posted by Bryan Scott

    Your parents are on Facebook and they are WATCHING YOU!  

    According to new data, the percentage of American moms who are on Facebook has grown from 50% in 2010 to 72% in 2012.  The #1 thing they are looking at is your status updates, followed by what other people are posting on your wall and pictures that you have been tagged in.

    As a father, I can totally understand using Facebook to keep up with what's going on with my kids.  But, as a son, I can only imagine what my parents think of me by looking at my Facebook page...


    AND of course my favorite...

    Yup.  Mom must be proud!

  • Behind the Scenes in studio!

    Posted by Bryan Scott

    Ever wonder why Nikki and I are laughing sometimes when our mics get turned on?  Because stuff like this happens when music is playing...

  • Fool proof strategy for Claw Machines

    Posted by Bryan Scott

    I don't know what's worse... the fact that this kids owns his own claw machine or that I spent 12 minutes watching this video and now am going to find a store that has the Wizard of Oz plush dolls!!!

  • Gotta Get Me Some Christmas Sweats

    Posted by Bryan Scott

    Every year our friends and neighbors come over on New Years Eve for our annual holiday party.  I think I may have just found this year's theme...