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Implements of Husbandry Informational Webinar

by Randy Shannon

By Jordan Lamb, DeWitt Ross & Stevens

On April 23, 2014, Governor Scott Walker signed Senate Bill 509 (now 2013 Wisconsin Act 349), which was authored by Senator Jerry Petrowski (R-Marathon) and Representative Keith Ripp (R-Lodi). This legislation establishes new, less restrictive size and weight limitations for farm machinery known as "implements of husbandry" (IOH) and establishes a new category of farm machinery known as "agricultural commercial motor vehicles" (Ag CMV).

Under the new law, vehicles that are defined as IoH or Ag CMVs will generally be allowed to operate at weight limits 15% higher than previously allowed unless seasonal or other special weight postings apply.

The bill also:

  • Establishes length and width limits for various ag-vehicles and Ag CMVs;
  • Defines lighting and marking requirements for IoH; Provides local governments with flexibility in administering the length and weight limits; and
  • Prohibits motorists from passing an IoH or Ag CMV in a no-passing zone.

Informational WEBINAR held May 7 (click here to sign up) There is no charge for participating in the webinar; however, you must have your computer registered by May 5. For more information about the webinar, and content details, click here .

The Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation has created an in-depth summary of the new legislation. That summary is available online at: http://wfbf.com/legislative/ioh/

The Wisconsin DOT has provided information about the new law in the "Doing Business" section of the WisDOT web site under "Ag Vehicles" online at: www.dot.wisconsin.gov/business/ag/index.htm.

The Wisconsin DOT and UW Extension have developed size and weight charts for both IoH and Ag CMV under the new law. Click on IoH or Ag CMV to open pdf copies of these charts.

This article reprinted by permission from the Professional Dairy Producers of Wisconsin. http://www.pdpw.org