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FVTC Partnership with Service Motor Company

by Mike Austin

The Public got its first look into the new agricultural center at Fox Valley Technical College this week. The Service Motor Company Ag Center is the first of five projects made possible by the passage of the $65 million dollar referendum approved by the region last April.

The relationship between Service Motor Company and FVTC spans more than 3 decades and is a prime example of the partnerships Fox Valley Tech has formed with area agri-businesses to make sure it is able to provide its students with hands on, cutting edge tools to be successful in both production agriculture and related fields. As an example Service Motor Company through IH have provided FVTC with farm contemporary and state of the art equipment. And the new Ag Center will make FVTC the state's only precision ag program that teaches its students to use GPS technology to maximize farm production and efficiency. The center also houses new high tech labs and expanded class space to accommodate the 87% jump in enrollment they have seen in ag related programs in just the past 5 years. And the best news of all is the fact that not only are today's young people looking at agriculture for their career, but that ag related employers are looking to the technical colleges for their future employees.

Kudos go to the administration and staff at Fox Valley Technical College and all the quality past and present farm business management instructors who have provided area youth with the tools necessary to not only compete, but also to help grow Wisconsin Agriculture .